Palto's Rally for Charity: joining forces for mental health awareness

Palto's Rally for Charity: joining forces for mental health awareness

03/27/2024 - 16:19

Fraternity Palto and MIND joined forces to promote mental health awareness by creating a meaningful experience, raising €17,021.34 at a wine tasting and auction event in the BUas chapel.
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Palto’s Rally for Charity, an event driven by community and compassion, was poised to make a significant impact on 14 March. With a profound understanding of the struggles surrounding mental health, Fraternity Palto joined forces with wine merchant Best Bottles to orchestrate an evening dedicated to raising funds for Mind, a vital youth mental health charity.

The event wasn't just any fundraiser. In the spirit of conviviality, Palto presented a unique twist: a ’Wine Tasting Rally’, a camaraderie-infused competition, guided by local sommeliers and wine experts.

Teams of four could partake in the wine rally, with tickets priced at €25 (per person), encompassing a tantalising three-course dinner and the delightful wines sampled during the rally. 

Adding to the excitement, an auction ran concurrently, offering enticing prizes generously donated by local businesses. Consequently, bidders not only supported a noble cause but also stood a chance to win valuable rewards, from hotel stays to restaurant vouchers.

Beyond fundraising, Palto’s Rally for Charity served as a nexus for the vibrant tapestry of Breda student life. It was an occasion to connect, engage with local businesses, and foster professional relationships within the hospitality community. 

“It seems like this event is organised by a professional company” – employee from Stichting Mind
“A great event for a topic that everyone can relate to” – participant

In the digital realm, every like, share, and comment on social media channels amplifies the event's reach, rallying more support for mental health awareness. Together, as students of Breda, Palto fraternity invites everyone to partake in this meaningful endeavour, striving to shed light on an issue often shrouded in silence. Let's unite, raise awareness, and make a difference—one sip, bid, and interaction at a time.