Oyster? Nah, seaweed!

Oyster? Nah, seaweed!

05/09/2023 - 16:39

Brian, Peer, Joris and Indigo set to work on Strategic Sustainable Business Design and came up with a new and sustainable concept
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For the course of Strategic Sustainable Business Design (SSBD), hotel students Peer, Joris, Brian and Indigo challenged themselves to come up with an innovative and sustainable concept for restaurants.

On 9 and 11 May, they will present to lecturers, industry professionals and family a five-course dinner made from local and sustainable products.


Experimenting in the TasteLab

Prior to putting together the dinners, the students visited regional suppliers and experimented a lot with ingredients and techniques. Brian: ‘When people think of sustainable food, often the first thing that comes to mind is vegetarian ingredients. Not everything has to be vegetarian to be sustainable. We want to demonstrate this with our experiment.’

Seaweed from Zeeland, Dutch caviar and crayfish, home-grown fermented tomatoes, homemade cocktail of Pandan vodka, and kombucha made from black tea, just some of the versatile, regional and sustainable ingredients used by chefs Peer and Joris. Even the drinks are locally and organically produced!


Think you’re eating an oyster, turns out it’s seaweed!

During dinner, students tell guests what is on their plate, where it came from, and how it was prepared. In this way, this team tries to make guests think more consciously about choices. The students want to investigate whether this storytelling makes table guests more consciously choose and enjoy regional products that are sustainably grown.


Passion developed while studying

Eric Andersen: ‘It is great to see that these students have developed so much passion for the culinary profession during their studies. So I certainly applaud this initiative and am glad they are using our TasteLab facilities to try out their concept.’