HotelloTOP on tour in Breda

HotelloTOP on Tour in Breda

04/03/2023 - 09:42

How do you network correctly? How do you leave a long-lasting impression? And after starting to build your own network, how do you maintain it? Come to the HotelloTOP on Tour event (22 May) to find out.
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HotelloTOP is a European networking platform for students & alumni of International Hotel Management Schools, and decision makers in the hospitality industry. This event, set in an informal atmosphere, allows you to gain and exchange knowledge and experience, to network with like-minded professionals and to stay up to date on industry trends, innovations and challenges.


The Programme

14.00u     Word of Welcome

14.15u     Speeches from Alumni - Yvonne Kool and Bram Ossel

14.45u     Talent of the Year - Pitches

15.00u     Meet & Greet with Industry Professionals

16.45u     Talent of the Year - Announcing BUasĀ“s finalist

17.00u     Network drink

18.00u     End

The day will start with a warm word of welcome, followed by inspiring speeches by our school's Alumni! Next up is a pitch by the nominees of our school for the Talent of the Year Award, who will try to convince you and the jury as to why they should become the finalist of BUas. After the pitches you can cast a vote on your favorite! Later that day, the finalist will be announced.

After the pitches you will participate in a meet & greet with industry professionals. During these interesting talks you will learn more about their life and experience, while also getting the opportunity to ask questions on how to expand your own network.

The day will be rounded off with a networking drink where you can socialize with both students and professionals.

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This event is an initiative of HotelloTOP.