HAMA hotel asset management competition took place in Wengen in 2023

Hotel Business students join international hotel asset management competition

04/19/2023 - 16:24

We are proud to announce that in the 5th edition of the HAMA Europe Student Prize (HESP), the BUas teams from the ‘Business of Hotels’ minor, finished second overall for the second year in a row.

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Every year, the Hospitality Asset Managers Association Europe (HAMA) organizes a hotel asset management competition. BUas Hotel Management programme has been participating in this competition, the HAMA Europe Student Prize (HESP), alongside top Swiss schools such as EHL (Lausanne), Les Roches and Glion.

This year the event took place at Wengen, a ‘faded beauty’ ski resort high up in the Alps. The assignment for the students was to develop value-add hospitality concepts, supported by financial analysis, for the Silberhorn, an Alpine resort owned by leading lifestyle hotel operator Beaumier. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work on a real-life case from such a prestigious partner.

As HAMA’s Education Chair Luc Boschmans put it: “Year after year, we can clearly see that the quality of the work of all teams keeps improving. This is great because that is also a sign that Hotel Asset Management continues to develop as an essential part of the academic program of quality hotel management schools. The view of the owner in a hotel investment as well as the importance of a value-add component in such an investment was hardly a topic in my hotel school days. That has changed now”. Commissioner Beaumier commented that “[we are] very pleased to provide a case study project […] and we were impressed by the many creative and thoughtful ideas presented by the student groups.”

We are excited to continue to develop our students’ skills and knowledge in the ‘business of hotels’. Are you interested in our minor The Business of Hotels? Check for more information here.

Rob van Ginneken, Stan Josephi (Course leaders, BUas minor The Business of Hotels)