An even more Sustainable Sibelicious

An even more Sustainable Sibelicious

03/02/2023 - 13:41

The Sibelicious team makes sure to contribute to a more sustainable environment at our campus. Here examples of their actions!
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Next to the restaurant, Sibelicious also entails the visitor center, cater outlets, banqueting, The Bar and the kitchen. These are all part of the inhouse learning company of Hotel and Facility Management programmes.

So how do they contribute to a more sustainable campus?

Restaurant Sibelicious

  • No meat option instead of just meat/fish
  • 70-30 balance meat/vegetables
  • Critical look on plate waste
  • Use of herbs/vegetables from our own community garden
  • Use of honey from the beehives on the rooftop of Frontier
  • Sous-vide cooking (expiry date extended)
  • Fermenting vegetables
  • Use of vegetable skins, fried as garnish so we have less cutting waste.
  • Make vegan stock from leftover vegetables.
  • Serve organic sodas
  • The waste on Friday is minimized (freezing, vacuuming); leftovers to students (creativity day)


Bar & Banqueting

  • Use of paper straws
  • As few packages as possible (everything is “real”, e.g., coffee cups)
  • More sustainable packages of EARTH water instead of plastic bottles
  • Vegetarian options available and more promoted



  • Plant-based milk as option
  • Soups are always all vegan
  • Option to donate pet bottles
  • Reusable cutlery
  • Bulk production to reduce food waste by ordering larger packages of food.
  • Sandwiches are wrapped in paper instead of plastic.


These are the things Sibelicious already does. In the coming year they will invest even more in separating waste, and we will try to get rid of all plastic packaging.