Natuurhuisje Eco-lodge

Eco-Lodges and Biodiversity

11/28/2023 - 20:55

Creating a self-assessment tool for eco-lodge owners in collaboration with Natuurhuisje.
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In collaboration with Natuurhuisje (Nature House), Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) is working on a self-assessment tool for eco-lodge owners. The booking platform Natuurhuisje aims to amplify its positive impact on society and biodiversity by assisting eco-lodge owners in making the best choices to increase their influence.

Natuurhuisje provides thoughtfully selected holiday homes in natural settings on their booking platform. Their goal is to enhance and safeguard local biodiversity with every booking. Their philosophy is that when the platform thrives, local nature can flourish. A next step in their progress is to offer customers the chance to choose the most sustainable eco-lodge for their next trip while concurrently aiding eco-lodge owners in maximizing their impact, including promoting sustainable guest behaviour (e.g., in energy use and waste collection).

Breda University of Applied Sciences, along with Natuurhuisje and colleagues from NHLStenden and CELTH, is developing a user-friendly self-assessment tool for eco-lodge owners to evaluate and compare their performance. This tool aims to assist eco-lodge owners who find participating in certification schemes like GreenKey and GreenGlobe impractical. Additionally, the self-assessment tool will highlight positive contributions to local and global biodiversity.

For the BUas study domains of Hotel & Facility Management, this project presents an opportunity to contribute to sustainable hospitality. If you have any questions, please contact our project leader, Bert Smit, at


When: 2023-2024

Funding: CELTH and Natuurhuisje

Partner: NHLStenden